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I love what we get to do. I think it’s awesome to spend the morning working on a design for venture capitalist firm, and then by the end of the day doing research for a construction company. We wear so many different hats here at The Oya Group. Some days I might be proof reading something in Japanese, and others I might be helping to organize a huge branding project. Each day is different and I love the variety of it all. I really enjoy working with all the differing company personalities.

It's crazy that we bounce around so much from idea to company to task. It’s always really interesting to have been doing something with high tech in the morning to later, having to change our mindset completely for a drywall company. Plus there are so many little details and moving parts when you are working on a campaign, website, or a branding project. There are so many things I would have never thought twice about before working for a Marketing Agency. I had no idea that a high quality website had so many little details to keep track of. The website needs to be functioning properly. The images need to be high enough quality. The website has to be user friendly and intuitive. Sometimes I find myself looking for the smallest details to make sure that everything is working properly. It might even be something as small as the wrong type of dash used or a double space when there should only be one.

Last but not least, I honestly feel that we have fun doing it all. We believe the best marketing comes from when you are having fun. We all work together wonderfully as a team. Yes, there are a lot of moving parts. But we all have to work together to make sure everything works out well for our client at the end of the day. We are only successful when our clients are. Everyone’s role is important and crucial to making sure that we provide for our clients the best quality project possible. Our name is going on this as well, so it's in everyone’s best interest to create visually compelling and sound copy to create a excellent product. We all respect one another and how everyone’s part contributes to the main goal. To help create a happy client and an amazing project that we can all be proud of.

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