How To Get the Most From an Agency Part 1; Intro

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One of the main pieces of advice bloggers get about developing new topics for content is to answer questions that frequently come up during your sales cycle. As an executive in a branding and marketing agency, it occurs to me that there may be higher value questions that need to get answered; questions that (potential) clients don’t know to ask during the sales process. Or questions they may not know to ask before making the decision to bring on an agency.
And after decades of working on the agency side, it is apparent to me that one of those questions is “how best to work with an agency?” Anyone who has hired an agency or worked in one knows that the relationship with clients can be mercurial; it’s just part of the dynamic.

Not to imply that there is just one way to get the best out of an agency, nor that we (on the agency side) know better than our clients how to work together, but just to enumerate (at least some) the commonalities of the best client-agency relationships I have seen through more than 20 years of agency-side work, I humbly offer this list of ways to get the most out of every dollar and minute that you spend when you make the decision to hire an agency.

So, with this in mind, I am publishing this set of blogs--all included in the available e-book--on how to get the very best from any agency you work with. To get the best results from every dollar and every minute you spend on them. These are the section titles:

Episode 2: Be Ready For an Intimate Relationship

Episode 3: Have Fun!

Episode 4: Honesty and Openness 

Episode 5: Feedback and Collaboration

Episode 6: The Flavors of Feedback

Episode 7: Conclusion

Bringing on and engaging an agency can be one of the most rewarding relationships in any business. From an agency insider of many years, here's how to get the most out of the team you've just brought on to help. It's awesome--and can be a bit daunting at times--to have this group of intelligent outsiders give you their take on your business.

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